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Heart's Medicine - Season One Download PC Game =LINK=

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Heart's Medicine - Season One Download PC Game

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The game's immersive storyline not only explores themes of love and loss, but also tests players' medical knowledge and time management skills as they work to save lives and unravel the mysteries of the hospital. Along with the main story, Heart's Medicine: Time to Heal also features a variety of mini-games and puzzles that provide a fun and engaging way to take a break from the fast-paced action. With its unique blend of medical drama and romance, Heart's Medicine: Time to Heal is a must-play for any fans of the genre. More Verified Customer Reviews I enjoy time management games. It started of really easy and then it got hectic. It's fun and also difficult to get a perfect 3 star rating on each level even with all of the help. It's very challenging. -NJ8rules I love all the Delicious games, and I love, love the character Emily from the games. I have bought all of them but one! I also love Allison. She is like Emily. The game is super great! It has an awesome story line and the characters are all really true to life. I can easily recommend this game to anyone who loves the Delicious games. I hope they make many more games in the series. -LindaLTrujillo I was glad to see a new addition to this game series. I love the pace and the story. I'm really glad this version was made by the same people and maintained it's high level of quality and fun! -dee72247 I absolutely love this game and think it is awesome that they made a game for doctors and nurses! I am a very avid game player and fell in love with this game right away. -blayne_n_heidi I love it. I don't know if it's quite up there was my all time favorites, but I still love it and can easily recommend it to anyone that enjoys time management games. It is also a big improvement over Season 1. -cyrus706 GREAT game! I was sad when it was over. Please make more of this type of game. I look forward to seeing what's next in the series. -forsherna this game is cool and fun to play. I really like how they incorporated Emily (from the Delicious series) into this game. -pamphelps99 The story line is cute, and the challenges are well... challenging. It's very difficult to get all the bonuses. Highly recommended! -teresacubed This is a perfect time management game with a guest appearance from Emily from the Delicious/Emily games. It also has great story lines. -heather_pullum This game was a challenge and truly enjoyed playing this game. I would recommend this game to anyone who enjoys games like this one. I give it an A . -sf8273 I absolutely love this game and all the others (Emily series) like it. The storyline is awesome. I consider myself pretty good at these types of games, but I find myself getting frustrated with this one. Even on beginner status, I find it hard to get all three stars on some of the boards. While I don't want it to be easy, the fact that I can't obtain three stars is a head scratcher. But overall the story, boards and gameplay are pretty awesome. -julie0401 I have a background in nursing. Now retired, I find this game keeps my love of nursing alive. Fun! Fun! Fun! -gwenmarvels I love this game. I like that it has a story line that makes you want to continue playing just so you can know what happens next! The levels started out easy but get challenging the farther you go. -jessikahaire I absolutely love this game. It has an incredible storyline. It's a lot of fun. I truly enjoy this game by far more than others. I'm totally addicted and want to keep playing more and more. If you haven't played this game, you definitely should. It has a lot of different scenes to play bonus games. Heart's Medicine: Time to Heal is addicting. -kraymond777 I Love these games! It has both great graphics and great story line. -kaleehumphrey This game is a lot of fun and has a great story! -cmvcountrygirl The game is pretty good. I enjoyed playing it and can easily recommend it. -cheryl.mcguire I like this game very much. It is nice to see Emily. The game has a great story line and it is also challenging, fun and exciting. I can't wait to complete it. -shariorr The game is awesome ... I can't wait till the season 3 of this game -smallbunia96 Like this game, difficult to get expert level so gives you a chance to keep trying to improve. -cheryl.401 I am really enjoying this game because not only does it still have characters from the previous game, but there are different things to do. I love this game and the hamster is back in this one, too! -stephsmith61 Liked the fact that it was a sequel and better than the first edition. -brendatoombs I really like this game. Challenging but fun. Great characters and story and smooth play functions. -mglinn Show 20 More User Reviews Show Less User Reviews function ShowMoreReviews() $("#lessReviewsButton").css("display", "block"); $("#moreReviewsButton").css("display", "none"); $("#review0").css("display", "inline"); $("#review1").css("display", "inline"); $("#review2").css("display", "inline"); $("#review3").css("display", "inline"); $("#review4").css("display", "inline"); $("#review5").css("display", "inline"); $("#review6").css("display", "inline"); $("#review7").css("display", "inline"); $("#review8").css("display", "inline"); $("#review9").css("display", "inline"); $("#review10").css("display", "inline"); $("#review11").css("display", "inline"); $("#review12").css("display", "inline"); $("#review13").css("display", "inline"); $("#review14").css("display", "inline"); $("#review15").css("display", "inline"); $("#review16").css("display", "inline"); $("#review17").css("display", "inline"); $("#review18").css("display", "inline"); $("#review19").css("display", "inline"); $("#review20").css("display", "inline"); $("#review21").css("display", "inline"); $("#review22").css("display", "inline"); $("#review23").css("display", "inline"); function ShowLessReviews() $("#lessReviewsButton").css("display", "none"); $("#moreReviewsButton").css("display", "block"); $("#review3").css("display", "none"); $("#review4").css("display", "none"); $("#review5").css("display", "none"); $("#review6").css("display", "none"); $("#review7").css("display", "none"); $("#review8").css("display", "none"); $("#review9").css("display", "none"); $("#review10").css("display", "none"); $("#review11").css("display", "none"); $("#review12").css("display", "none"); $("#review13").css("display", "none"); $("#review14").css("display", "none"); $("#review15").css("display", "none"); $("#review16").css("display", "none"); $("#review17").css("display", "none"); $("#review18").css("display", "none"); $("#review19").css("display", "none"); $("#review20").css("display", "none"); $("#review21").css("display", "none"); $("#review22").css("display", "none"); $("#review23").css("display", "none"); Autoplay videos More Time Management Games Golden Rails: Valuable Package Jump aboard your postal stagecoach and avoid the sinister bandits.

If you like medicine and you're looking for a game with which you'll be able to play the role of one of the most successful doctors in what regards to video games, you shouldn't think twice and download Heart's Medicine.

To download Heart's Medicine - Season One mod from need enable the option "Unknown Sources".1. Click on the above link to download Heart's Medicine - Season One mod APK.2. Save the file in your device Downloads folder.3. Now tap on Install and wait for the installation to finish.4. Once it is done, open the game and start playing it right away.

A time-management game series based on the television series of the 80's The Love Boat produced by Aaron Spelling. All the crew of the Pacific Princess on the TV show are in the game and have designs based on the actors that played them. The first game called The Love Boat was released November 30, 2017 and is based on the first episode of the first season of the TV show and Emily and Angela are Guest Stars.

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