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Carlos Abad Molinero
Carlos Abad Molinero

Download Nigerian Checkers and Discover the History and Culture of this Game

How to Download Nigerian Checkers and Play It Online

If you are looking for a fun and challenging board game that can improve your mental skills, you should try Nigerian checkers. This is a popular variant of checkers that is played in Nigeria and other African countries. In this article, you will learn what Nigerian checkers is, how to download it on your mobile device, and how to play it online with other players.

download nigerian checkers


What is Nigerian Checkers?

Nigerian checkers is a board game that belongs to the family of draughts or checkers. It is also known as Damii or Drafts in Nigeria. It is played on a 10x10 board with 20 pieces for each player. The pieces can move horizontally or vertically, but not diagonally. The goal is to capture all the opponent's pieces or block them from moving.

The history and rules of the game

Nigerian checkers has a long history that dates back to ancient times. It is believed that it originated from Egypt or Mesopotamia, where similar games were played with stones or shells. It later spread to other parts of Africa, Europe, and Asia, where it evolved into different variations. Nigerian checkers is one of the most popular versions in Africa, especially in Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal, and Mali.

The rules of Nigerian checkers are simple but require strategy and skill. The game starts with each player having 20 pieces on their side of the board. The pieces are placed on the dark squares only. The player with the light pieces moves first, then the players alternate turns. A piece can move one square forward, left, or right, but not backward or diagonally. If a piece reaches the last row on the opposite side of the board, it becomes a king. A king can move any number of squares in any direction, as long as it does not jump over another piece.

A piece can capture an opponent's piece by jumping over it to an empty square behind it. The captured piece is removed from the board. A piece can make multiple jumps in one turn if possible. Capturing is mandatory, meaning that if a player has a chance to capture an opponent's piece, they must do so. If a player cannot move or capture any piece, they lose the game.

The benefits of playing checkers

Playing checkers is not only fun but also beneficial for your brain. Checkers can help you improve your memory, concentration, logic, problem-solving, creativity, and planning skills. It can also reduce stress, enhance mood, and boost self-esteem. Playing checkers can also foster social interaction and communication with other players.

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How to Download Nigerian Checkers App for Android and iOS

If you want to play Nigerian checkers on your smartphone or tablet, you can download a free app that lets you enjoy the game anytime and anywhere. There are many apps available for both Android and iOS devices, but one of the best ones is Checkers - Apps on Google Play. This app has over 100 million downloads and 4.3 stars rating on Google Play Store.

The features and reviews of the app

Checkers - Apps on Google Play has many features that make it a great choice for playing Nigerian checkers. Some of the features are: - You can choose from different levels of difficulty, from beginner to expert. - You can play against the computer or with another player on the same device. - You can play online with other players from around the world, or create your own private room and invite your friends. - You can customize the board size, the color of the pieces, and the rules of the game. - You can track your statistics, achievements, and rankings. - You can chat with other players and send emojis. The app has received many positive reviews from users who praised its design, functionality, and fun factor. Here are some of the reviews: - "This is the best checkers app I have ever played. It is very challenging and addictive. I love the online mode and the chat feature. I have made many friends from different countries through this app." - "I really enjoy playing this app. It is easy to use and has many options to choose from. I like that I can play Nigerian checkers, which is my favorite version of the game. The graphics are nice and the sound effects are realistic." - "This app is amazing. It has everything you need to play checkers. It is fast, smooth, and reliable. The online mode is awesome and the opponents are very smart. I recommend this app to anyone who loves checkers." The steps to download and install the app

Downloading and installing Checkers - Apps on Google Play is very simple and quick. Just follow these steps: - Go to Google Play Store or App Store on your device and search for Checkers - Apps on Google Play. - Tap on the app icon and then tap on Install or Get. - Wait for the app to download and install on your device. - Open the app and choose your preferred language and settings. - Start playing Nigerian checkers and have fun! How to Play Nigerian Checkers Online with Other Players

Playing Nigerian checkers online with other players is a great way to test your skills, learn new strategies, and make new friends. Checkers - Apps on Google Play offers you several options and modes to play online. Here are some of them:

The options and modes of online play

When you open the app, you will see a menu with different options to play online. You can choose from: - Quick Game: This option will match you with a random player who has a similar level of skill as you. You can also choose the board size, the color of the pieces, and the time limit for each move. - Play with Friends: This option will allow you to create your own private room and invite your friends to join you. You can also join a room created by another player if you have their code. - Tournament: This option will let you participate in a tournament with other players who have registered for it. You will have to play a series of games against different opponents until you reach the final round. The winner of the tournament will receive a prize and a trophy. - Leaderboard: This option will show you your ranking among other players based on your points, wins, losses, draws, and streaks. You can also see the rankings of other players from different countries and regions.

The tips and tricks to win the game

Playing Nigerian checkers online can be challenging and rewarding. To increase your chances of winning, you should follow these tips and tricks: - Plan ahead: Before you make a move, think about the possible consequences and outcomes. Try to anticipate your opponent's moves and counter them accordingly. - Capture wisely: Capturing is mandatory in Nigerian checkers, but that does not mean you should capture every piece you see. Sometimes, it is better to leave a piece alone if capturing it will expose your own pieces to danger or disadvantage. - Use kings: Kings are very powerful pieces that can move in any direction and jump over multiple pieces. Try to make as many kings as possible and use them wisely to dominate the board. - Be flexible: Do not stick to one strategy or plan throughout the game. Be ready to adapt and change your tactics according to the situation and your opponent's moves. - Have fun: Remember that playing Nigerian checkers online is supposed to be fun and enjoyable. Do not get frustrated or angry if you lose or make a mistake. Learn from your experience and improve your skills.


Nigerian checkers is a fascinating board game that can provide you with hours of entertainment and mental stimulation. You can download Checkers - Apps on Google Play, one of the best apps for playing Nigerian checkers on your mobile device. You can also play online with other players from around the world, or with your friends in a private room. You can customize the game according to your preferences and level of difficulty. You can also learn the history and rules of the game, and improve your mental




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