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Where To Buy A Nissan Skyline R34

Many consider the R34 generation of the Nissan Skyline to be the pinnacle of JDM cars. And within it, the GT-R is king. When it launched over 20 years ago, the R34 GTR became an instant icon worldwide - even in markets where it wasn't sold.

where to buy a nissan skyline r34


While the GT-R was built as a kit car to allow it to be used in the U.S., it was later impounded by customs officials due to legal complications around its status. After a battle in the courts, it was exported to Germany, where it has remained unregistered ever since. The car retains an expired Nevada title as a "2007 Kai," and a chassis tag bearing a 17-digit VIN issued to Kaizo Industries.

If you want to own a storied Skyline GT-R, this auction might appeal to you. Of course, depending on where you live, it may be difficult to actually import or use the car at all. Regardless, given Walker's enduring star power, and the popularity of the Fast saga films, it's likely this car will sell for a hefty six-figure sum if past sales are anything to go by.

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Those who know the Fast franchise well will be asking: Wasn't this car blown up at the end of the film? The car shown on screen being destroyed was actually one of several stunt cars, built from lesser Skyline GT-T models. The Nissan you see here wasn't used in any action shots, where it could have been damaged.

This GT-R was exported from the U.S. to Germany in 2012, where it's remained since. It hasn't been registered for road use in Europe, instead being used as an exhibit at the Munich Motorworld museum. Bonhams has not listed a price estimate, though cars that have appeared in the Fast franchise often go for big money. We don't expect this sale to go any differently. 041b061a72




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