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Adam Krylov
Adam Krylov

Ilya Efimov Acoustic Guitar KONTAKT [Complete] ((FREE))

The crispness of a steel-string acoustic is consolidated as one of the best guitar sounds out there, but sometimes it can be too harsh. A more mellowed and sweet sound can mix more fluidly between tracks and nothing like a classical guitar to bring that up.

Ilya Efimov Acoustic Guitar KONTAKT [Complete]

RealGuitar 5 is the mixture of two different instruments, the Classic and Steel String. As expected, the latter refers to a steel-stringed acoustic, while the former recreates the sound of a classical guitar. Aside from some patches and different tunings, both programs bring the same high-quality results.

If you are serious about having a refined acoustic guitar part on your project, MusicLab offers a great option for your use. You can have it set up as a live/MIDI keyboard performance instrument, with all articulations and techniques that go with it, or make use of the built-in song sequencer and arrange the entire song very quickly.

This might be the ultimate package for acoustic guitar sounds, and all features present confirm this. You get both steel-string and nylon-string guitars here, aside from unique rhythm patterns and control options to suit your needs better.

Mood is the best word to describe this library. When seeing the interface for the first time, you can suspect that the right amount of controls will make that very clear when you first use it. Tweaking between different effects and their configurations will bring subtle, warm, and mellow tones straight at your acoustic sample. It features more guitar sounds, but the nylon-stringed samples were as good as any other plugin on this list.

It's hard to beat the sound of a real acoustic or electric guitar, which will ... Sugar Bytes Guitarist; Ilya Efimov Acoustic & Nylon Guitar Bundle ... Of course, no unit in the Series is complete without basic effects and alternative play modes.. ... a sample-based Kontakt library that takes after Taylor acoustic guitars.

Ilya Efimov Sound Production has released TC Electric Guitar and TC Strum, a detailed emulation of a Fender Telecaster guitar, for Kontakt.. Ilya Efimov invested much effort into ... This allows complete sculpting of the sound to your taste.. Put the library through ... Acoustic GuitarIlya Efimov Armenian Duduk DudukIlya Efimov ... 350c69d7ab




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