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Theodore Murphy
Theodore Murphy

Assiste Sense And Sensibility Online

Besides these interviewing methods, I used observation in diverse online spaces including online classrooms, policy dialogues and online workshops that used Zoom, GoogleMeet, Microsoft Teams, etc.Footnote 24 Using these online platforms enabled me to engage as a netnographer in observing multi-site online communities of policymakers, authorities, educators, teachers and students (Kulavuz-Onal and Vasquez 2013) and exploring multifarious perceptions, senses, experiences, communicative acts and interactions (Kozinets 2010) occurring in these virtual spaces. For example, I observed and participated myself in three online policy dialogues and meetings where university executives, including representatives of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MoEST), focused their discussion on how they could best handle issues of discontinued instruction during the COVID-19 pandemic. Equally, I observed three online workshops organised by two central departments of TU for both students and teaching staff, and two further online workshops for teachers of TU and Mid-Western University (MWU).

Assiste Sense and Sensibility online

Over time and as a whole, the body of data I had collected comprised interview transcripts, reflexive field notes generated through multi-site observation, internet-mediated textual, graphical, photographic, audio-visual, and screen-captured social media material particularly related to higher education and online teaching and learning in Nepal. As mentioned earlier, I opted for netnographic analysis (Kozinets et al. 2014) because it is best suited for evaluating the kind of qualitative data I had collected. Using ATLAS.ti,Footnote 25 data analysis, I proceeded through open coding, categorising and developing themes (Corbin and Strauss 2015) in the light of netnographic sensibility (Reid and Duffy 2018).Footnote 26 My research questions guided me in categorising the codes into three categories: (1) policy; (2) infrastructural preparedness; and (3) experience in online teaching and learning. 041b061a72




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