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Dating A Peavey Guitar By Serial Number [CRACKED]

your profile join preferences help search next newest topic next oldest topicAuthorTopic: for mike brown dating peavey la 400 ampJames IngramMember From: Blue Springs, MO, USAposted 07 December 2002 03:28 PM profile wondering what year this peavey la 400 city series amp was made. it has heavy looking die cast speaker frame labeled Black Widow Super Structure.Speakers even Has Metal tag with serial number on it. Boy is this amp heavy. serial # 3A-01532247 . also would like info on how to order plasic B/W emblem on front of amp grill. this one has piece broken off. Thanks James [This message was edited by James Ingram on 07 December 2002 at 11:16 PM.]

Dating A Peavey Guitar By Serial Number

From: Mount Carmel, TN. 37645posted 07 December 2002 04:23 PM profile I had a session 400 with a 6A prefix and it was a 1976....I'd guess yours to be a 1973. FWIW.James IngramMember From: Blue Springs, MO, USAposted 07 December 2002 05:32 PM profile thanks roger. i,d done topic search on dating peaveys but had,nt figured out a similarity on the dates. like all other peavey amps i,ve owned in past 25 yrs. they just keep going strong.Roger KellyMember From: Mount Carmel, TN. 37645posted 07 December 2002 05:55 PM profile can't go wrong with a Peavey. I have a NV 1000 and really like it.Dyke CorsonMember From: Urbana, IL USAposted 07 December 2002 09:49 PM profile I think they used this system until 1990. You had to look close at model changes to tell if it was a 3A (1973) or 3A (1983) But I think the LA 400 might have been 1983. Mike Brown could tell us for sure.I think the LA, Reno, Vegas, Nashville, Austin were the 400 "City Series" That all came out at pretty much the same time. A GREAT series of amps (I own 6 Vegas 400s!). The Austin and Reno 400s may have been some of the first acoustic guitar amps ever built. How about it Mike?Mike BrownMember From: Meridian, Mississippi USAposted 09 December 2002 02:33 PM profile Dyke, you are exactly right! Now, let's move on to the bonus round for $10,000, how many................ Whoa, just got carried away........too much coffee and too much Coca Cola today! Dyke is correct. Starting in the early to mid '70's, we used concecutive serial numbers with the last digit of the year for reference. For example, "7A" meant that the product was either a 1997 or 1987 amplifier. A person would have to be familiar enough with a product to know what decade that that product was manufactured in. In the case of a long running product such as the Nashville 400, the serial number could range from 7A0123.... etc. to 7A0211...., the first number would probably date back to the '80's and the second would probably date back to the late '80's. It's hard to determine this without calling us and obtaining a date of manufacture. Knowing your full serial number assists me in determining the exact month of manufacture and it is August of '83. This amp was rated at 210 watts, so it took a hefty transformer.Mike BrownPeavey Electronics CorporationJames IngramMember From: Blue Springs, MO, USAposted 09 December 2002 06:19 PM profile thanks for your help mr. brown. peaveys a definite keeper. more power than i need for home practice amp . All times are Pacific (US)next newest topic next oldest topicAdministrative Options: Close Topic Archive/Move Delete Topic Hop to: Select a Forum or ArchiveList of Forums:Category: Steel News--------------------THE FORUM HAS MOVEDEvents and AnnouncementsOur Extended FamilySteel on the WebSteelRadio.comCategory: Steel Guitar Topics--------------------Steel PlayersPedal SteelSteel Without PedalsTablatureElectronicsNo PeddlersCategory: Classified Ads--------------------For Sale: InstrumentsFor Sale: Amps and AccessoriesFor Sale: Music, Lessons, etc.Wanted To BuyJobsCategory: Other Topics--------------------HumorMusicRecordingComputersForum FeedbackList of Archives:Bar Chatter ArchiveBuy & Sell ArchivePedal Steel ArchiveMusic ArchiveContact Us The Pedal Steel Pages Note: Messages not explicitly copyrighted are in the Public Domain.Powered by Infopop 2000Ultimate Bulletin Board 5.46 Our mailing address is: The Steel Guitar Forum 148 South Cloverdale Blvd. Cloverdale, CA 95425 USA Support the Forum 350c69d7ab




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