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Theodore Murphy

Buy Hotel BETTER

Some entrepreneurs envision building their own hotel from the ground up. Others decide to invest in a pre-existing hotel and make it their own. Whichever route you choose, you have the opportunity to bring your hotel management dreams to life.

buy hotel

So, how much should you pay for a hotel? And how much is a hotel worth? The total cost of buying a hotel or hotel franchise is based on a number of factors. These include location, property type, size, asset value, and more. Determine with your lending partner how much you can truly afford as you search for properties and evaluate offers.

The acquisition price of a hotel is often the biggest factor when determining how much you can afford to pay. Before beginning your search, know how much capital you have available and what return on investment (ROI) you are targeting for this property.

The purchase price of the property does not always determine whether it will be profitable. You should consider other aspects of the hotel, such as if there is room to increase the daily rates and/or occupancy of the property. Be sure to look at other incentives such as state and local tax credits that can lower your net operating income.

Part of knowing how to buy a hotel is knowing what to expect in additional costs. Set aside enough capital for operating expenses and the unexpected. The purchase of a hotel is not just about purchasing the property; you must also pay for renovations, utilities, insurance, staff, and other operational costs.

Determine whether you should purchase the property yourself or with a partner. The majority of hotel transactions involve an outside partner who brings capital, management expertise, and other resources to the table.

HS Listing ID-34278.85-room hotel offering 3-stories of brand-new construction, 60% complete and fully approved.The hotel is perfectly located near a well-known highway and sees lots of traffic... More details

HS Listing ID-18523.Small hotel walking distance from a beach boardwalk. A parking lot is available to guests as well as street parking. Hotel provides six fully furnished rooms featuring a... More details

HS Listing.Beautiful beachfront hotel with scenic views and easy access to boardwalk. Hotel sits off a busy thoroughfare and is next door to a popular restaurant. Parking is accessible on the... More details

HS Listing.Large hotel located right off a busy road with over 40,000 vehicles passing daily. Hotel is walking distance from a shopping center with restaurants and a convenience store. Lot is 2.7... More details

Historic hotel in a high-traffic downtown area. Many restaurants and businesses walking distance from the hotel. Guests can choose from five different room types which have a maximum occupancy ranging... More details

A full-scale hotel development and management company that helps hotel developers and hotel operators design, construct and operate hotels.Key Aspects.Experienced management team with extensive... More details

This is an historic hotel built in 1928 and has served as a brothel, a bed & bath, and hotel. It has 22 rooms that include 13 apartments with kitchenettes, and 9 hotel rooms. In addition there is a... More details

Offering a 264-room hotel for sale next to Pattaya Seaview in every room.Located on a 1-0-62 rai of land (2 title deeds), Soi Pattaya 12 (Pattaya Klang Sai 1).Near Hilton Hotel Pattaya.There are... More details

Luxury Hotel Resort (Currently closed) in the "Pearl of the Caribbean", with 757 rooms across 3 hotels, 6pools private beach, etc. Pre-approved for Golf Course +2500 flats. Unique opportunity.More details

Railway Hotel Murchison East is a must-visit hotel when in the Goulburn Valley.The Railway Hotel Murchison East boasts a beautifully renovated public bar, TAB services with easy bet terminal, well... More details

Breaking news*Opportunity to acquire an established luxury hotel business with spa treatment, olympic size pool, beach facilities, ready to re-open with vendor supervision if required ready in 2... More details

Look no further than our extraordinary collection of Bed and Bedding Sets for that necessary indulgence. As our guests know, sleeping in the comfort of a Marriott Bed provides an unforgettable nightly experience. Now you can purchase our bed and treat yourself to a lifetime of sweet slumbers with this exquisite hotel-quality bedding right in your own home. The Marriott Mattress and Box Springs will finally give you the good night's rest you've been waiting for.

In the fall of 2021, after Stinson raised the prospect of Metro purchasing the hotel and event center, Fischer administration officials toured the site while hiring an appraiser to estimate its market value.

It can also make sense to buy points and redeem them at high-end Hilton hotels like the Conrad Bora Bora Nui or the Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills. Room rates can top $1,000 a night at these properties. Hilton fairly recently raised the price of some properties to 120,000 points per night. However, you can still come out ahead.

Owning your own hotel is a popular way to start a new business. Every year thousands of people, ranging from the retired couple to the lifelong hospitality professional, buy guest houses, hotels or bed-and-breakfasts, with the businesses as varied as the buyers. While investing a large amount of money in a hospitality business may seem daunting, it's a straightforward process with the right planning and professional assistance.

It's easy to wax poetic about the value of a good travel rewards credit card. And the rewards you get for booked travel are icing on the cake of your necessary hotel stays or flights. But most experts will caution you against buying points or miles -- and with good reason.

In many cases, buying rewards from a hotel or airline simply isn't worth the cost, as they can cost as much as $0.01 per point. You'll generally get more value for your dollar by paying cash for your booking, especially since you'll earn rewards on cash purchases that you won't earn if you redeem rewards instead.

The best reason to buy hotel points or frequent flyer miles is if you can get them on sale -- way on sale. Most hotels and airlines put their rewards on sale at least once a year, though many brands host sales a few times a year. The discount you can get varies a lot, though 20% to 30% is common, and 50% isn't unheard of for some brands.

With a good sale going on, the potential exists to spend less on the rewards for a given flight or hotel stay than you'd pay in cash for the same booking. Of course, this depends entirely on how you redeem those rewards, so it shouldn't be a spur-of-the-moment purchase. It's best to have a very specific redemption in mind -- and to do all the math.

One great thing about many types of credit card rewards is that they don't expire unless you close your account. Unfortunately, the same can't be said of airline and hotel loyalty programs. In many cases, your frequent flyer miles or hotel points have a ticking time clock that could run out -- and take your rewards with it.

And, of course, there's always the good old co-branded card. Many major hotels and airlines have co-branded credit card options, including no annual fee cards, that could turn everyday purchases into hotel points or airline miles.

The sale of the former New York Marriott East Side hotel caps a turbulent era for the property. The 35-story, 406,000-square-foot building, which opened in 1924 as the Shelton Towers Hotel, was last sold in 2015 for $270 million to a joint venture between Deka and Ashkenazy Acquisition Corp.

The 655-key property permanently closed in 2020, the first year of the pandemic. The joint venture then sued Marriott, alleging over $12 million in hotel revenue was misappropriated to boost its balance sheet.

Deka, which owned an 85 percent stake in the hotel, moved to foreclose on the property in February 2021 after the joint venture allegedly failed to pay off the $53 million mortgage when it came due in July 2020. Later that year, an appellate court ruled that Ashkenazy had to pay its share of a $135 million loan on the hotel.

Yielding of contracted rates in high demand periods: while the possibility exists, it is a time consuming and manual process. Once other FIT operators are closed out, the hotel has the right to increase the contract rates as long as a certain margin is honored. In our case, the hotel maybe capitalized on the initial uplift in rate, but subsequent changes rarely were implemented due to lack of manpower.

After having opposed the idea for many years, we took a chance and experienced the pluses and minuses of this type of partnership in 2017. Based on the issues mentioned above, we then had decided not to renew the agreement in 2018. Granted, overall FIT room-nights declined for the hotel, but FIT revenue fell only slightly due to a much improved ADR. In addition, any shortfall in FIT business was more than made up by OTA business (in both rooms and revenue) at higher profitability (even after deducting commissions).

Overall, these partnerships seem to be more in favor of the operator than the hotel in a top-tier destination with relatively high occupancy and a strong FIT/ Wholesale market for the city as the operator guarantees itself an allotment (even exceeding LRA) and a substantial margin, while the hotel has to battle the impact on parity and erosion of profitability. 041b061a72




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