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He's Just Not That Into You Full Movie Download Free VERIFIED

To cut to the chase, He's Just Not That Into You doesn't live up to more notable classics of the genre. It not only falls flat on more than one occasion (the random stories that separate each segment of the film are decidedly hit-or-miss), a small handful of characters (Anna chief among them) are far less interesting than others, its script relies on too many chance encounters and contrived scenarios, and its vision of Baltimore is too sleek and metropolitan. That's not to say it's a bad film at all -- to the contrary, my wife and I laughed out loud quite a few times, nodded knowingly at the truisms presented over the course of its multifaceted storyline, and genuinely felt invested in the lives of two-thirds of its characters -- I just would have preferred the film had it focused solely on Gigi, Alex, Neil, Beth, Janine, and Ben. I also find it hilarious that it's being billed as a "perfect date movie." Based on its rather barbed and pointed observations about relationships and love (as well as the stability and honesty therein), I imagine the film will plant countless seeds of doubt and be responsible for quite a few breakups. Sure, it's amusing, heart-wrenching, and inevitably uplifting, but beware... it just might leave your significant other with the sneaking suspicion that you have something to hide.

he's just not that into you full movie download free

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Trust your instincts. If it feels like there's something off, more often than not, there is. Look for signs like the other person not texting you as often as they did early in the courtship, disappearing for longer periods of time, or not putting as much effort into your dates. Those could be signs he's thinking about ghosting you, so just keep your guard up.

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