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Theodore Murphy
Theodore Murphy

Skyrim Double Jump Mod

I haven't tried it, but I like the idea of a running jump. That double jump is a complete cheat, though, if you use it in the right manner. I've never cared for double jumping in any game though unless it's essential to complete the game.

skyrim double jump mod

I have used this mod for quite some time now, and I have no issues with it. Haven't even tried using the double jump as it never occurred to me or happened by mistake while using this mod. An essential mod if you ask me. I can't understand why Bethesda removed the jump while sprinting feature present in earlier Bethesda games.

Hey guys, this sounds great, I want to check it out. Reminds me of a similar mod I found. You guys know about the Skyrim Skill Replacer? He adds 5 Perk Trees, one being Athletics (LOVE IT) That mod adds a jumping perk. I think it was like 30/60/100 Each level increases jump height. Not insane either. Be cool to pair up with this.

Better Jumping is one of the simplest yet most noticeable quality-of-life mods a player can install. In essence, this mod allows players to jump while sprinting while keeping the momentum from sprinting. A configuration menu also allows players to enable multiple jumps in the air and modify jump height if they so desire. Being able to jump while sprinting is a game-changer for traversal and combat.

Simply Knock doubles as a quality-of-life improvement and an immersion mod. Whenever players find themselves in front of a locked door on someone's property, they can choose to knock on the door instead of instantly going to lockpicking.

Since I realize most editors don't pay attention to the Administrator Noticeboard, I thought I should point out a problem that's been discussed at UESPWiki:Administrator Noticeboard#Email and Editing Problems (aka 5 minute bug). In a nutshell, from the point that UESP was moved to the new server (on August 21st) up until this morning (September 1st), email notifications have not been working. Although the problem was fixed this morning, it still means that any editors relying on email notifications to find out about changes to their talk pages and/or watchlists did not receive any emails during this time period. Therefore, you may want to double check to see whether you have missed any activity that has happened during the last ten days. 076b4e4f54




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